Putin’s Siberian Holiday Looks Are Low-Key Outerwear Fire



Over the weekend, the Kremlin divulged images of President Vladimir Putin on vacation in southern Siberia, where he stayed from Tuesday to Thursday.

Posing for action shots, Putin kayaked, snorkeled, and fished in the vast outdoors of Siberia, while kitted in a serious array of camouflage and military garb that could have been straight out of a WTAPS collection. Putin’s low-key fire outfits even garnered coverage on the e-pages of publications like The New York Times and The Guardian.

Check out our (completely unserious) guide to Putin’s Siberian vacation below.


You can’t deny the layering game here. Putin could have easily mixed it up with this khaki bomber from Sacai, or even a classic BAPE camouflage jacket. For his next Siberian expedition, NEIGHBORHOOD’s M-421A jacket might not be a bad fit either. At the time of publishing, we were unable to locate any retailers stocking the twig accessory pictured above.


For lugging around fishing and camping gear, we would recommend Porter’s Counter Shade backpack, or this roomy duffle from Filson. Oakley’s Radar Pace shades also pack a punch, featuring built-in earbuds for covert communication.


There’s no doubt that some YEEZY boots would not look out of place here, nor would a pair of Rothco’s reliable, hard-wearing Jungle boots.

Check some more recommendations below, courtesy of What Drops Now.

  • Photography:
    Kremlin / Alexei Nikolsky / Alexei Nikolsky


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