T.J. Miller’s ‘Emoji Movie’ Tux: So Nice He Wore It Twice



Talk about red carpet sustainability.

Two days after parasailing into Cannes in a bright yellow tuxedo as part of a stunt promoting The Emoji Movie, T.J. Miller bucked red carpet rules and wore the suit to the Magnum X Moschino launch party with Jeremy Scott and Cara Delevingne on May 18.

The actor says he couldn’t resist. “This is Nichole Lumpkin Couture,” he explained to Pret-a-Reporter on the beach, just outside the bash. “She’s based in Los Angeles and she did my Office Christmas Party ugly sweater tuxedo. She’s sort of reluctantly couture.” 

And could be mistaken for actual couture.  Says Miller’s wife (and college sweetheart) Kate: “We walked in tonight and several people said, ‘Oh my God, I love your Moschino tuxedo.’ It really does, in a strange way, look like a Moschino creation.” 

As for his wife’s ensemble, Miller (lovingly) joked, “It’s as if a creature from Labyrinth face-f—ed Cartier.” 


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